I believe in Mercury
And the gospel according to Saint John
I believe in monsters too

Tricky costumers
Sad girls blind
Stepping out of line

Subterranean star
I can´t see you
From outer space

Believe in the cheap suit
Who writes poetry
Near the cave

Isn´t she lush?
Isn´t she rampant?
Isn´t she half the world away?

I believe in burning bridges
And monkeys running around the sun
Just like you and me

Same backs
Same electricity
Same charge

If gravity made the rest
If departure made the rest
If you made the best

What if i die?
What if i exaggerate?
What if i make no plans?

Other tracks
In other spies
In other laughs

I can choose
My own maps
My own night to dry me

I believe in woman-child
I believe i´m near the wild heaven
I believe in blame the corners without faith